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When the train passes this semaphore signal in the middle of Donkey Gulch it has almost terminated the long 3.3% climb up to Sonnenberg.


The little 0-6-0 with its three empty ore cars has passed summit tunnel on its way to the barite mine Charlotte Elise and is now doodling downgrade for the rest of the trip.


The freight train to Braunlage is running down grade through Achterman's Gap between rocks and high spruces. Only the last visible boxcar belongs to the BAE, the two in front belong to the NWE and the green gondola to the GHE. The BAE is connected to these metre gauge railroads via the SHE whith whitch it shares the station of Braunlage.


The BAE serves three quarries which generate a lot of tonnage for the line. This is Königskopf quarry whith its big ballast crusher. Big construction stones can be loaded by the wooden derrick crane.